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Empowering Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Welcome to Goldmine Resource Center

Goldmine Resource Center is a mentoring and empowering center for grooming aspiring entrepreneurs and ambitious people with relevant information and finances for their projects and businesses.

Goldmine will teach you how to turn small investment to huge returns. You will learn the SIMPLE PROVEN WAY of turning an investment of 25dollars to over 200,000 dollars in FEW months.

Goldmine runs three programs: Fund Cooperative, Entrepreneurship Mentoring and My Business & 1. These programs are geared toward empowering members of the company to actualize their dream.

Our Mission
Raising 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs that can Compete Globally, Building Successful World Class Businesses

Get Mentored to Become an Excellent Entrepreneur

Goldmine Resource Center gives members the opportunity to be mentored and trained to become world class entrepreeneurs.

Get the Needed Funds for your Business

Goldmine Resource Center Fund Cooperative helps members to raise funds to start up their dreamed businesses with just an investments of $25

Start a New Business

Goldmine Resource Center will teach members the ABC of starting a striving business, providing free business consultation and mentoring.